Friday, May 7, 2010


I have just realized that the real way to become younger is to work at what you love. I find that when I am working, I forget how old I am and just become the "real" me. I am without age and I could be as old as the history of artistry or just a new born babe.
Then, I will have to use the bathroom and by chance I will glimpse my face in the mirror. It is a shock to see the gray hair and the wrinkles. It is hard to align the two experiences. When I am working I am "ageless" but according to my driver's license I am a Medicare recipient.
The thing I learned from this experience is to work. Then I will not feel "old" and I will be productive and have fun the same time.
Well, back to my rejuvenation!


patrice said...

I've always aspired to be as fit, active and alive as you are!
(Maybe you could get rid of the mirror.)
Love what you're working on.
A purse?

beadbabe49 said...

Beautiful colors in your photo...

I don't think I've ever taken my mirror image for "me" I'm no more surprised at what I see at 60 than I was at 16...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I agree completely...working at what we love is an age eraser...time without age...suspended in the love.

Julia Moore said...

Love your comments on art and old age. One suggestion: tape an affirmation in the middle of your mirror, so when you look at yourself you see something like, "You're babelicious!" or "Kiss me", or something that will make you smile, because we all look younger when we smile!