Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NightGown For Me or Thee In Two Hours

My Darling Niece inspired me to make this, as she makes these gowns for her daughter all the time. The pattern is very easy to make.
I made this for my Darling Granddaughter last Saturday in two hours. They both (I have two - one of each) came over for the day and night. While they wee here, I showed some sampling of fabrics to sweet Lucy. After a very some deliberation, this fabric was chosen. It was "designer fabric" that I bought at FIDM. There was only 1 1/2 yards (60 inches wide) but with this length, I was able to make a nightgown for a child.
This is how anyone can make this in a very short time:

I will use Lucy's measurements for example.

Measure chest : 28" and
add 1/3 more making it 40 inches for the width of nightgown pattern.
Length to ankle: 38" , measure from the knob on neck to ankle, this allows for a 2" hem.
Upper arm circumference: 8" , this is the dimension for width across the top A to B.
Shoulder to inner armpit: 8"

The sleeve measurement from A to B is the measurement of arm circumference: 8"
The angle measurement is 30 degrees. This measurement can just be eyeballed but I did but the 30 degree angle from my layout board.

Since it does not need very exact cutting, I folded the fabric into four layers and cut it out super fast.

I matched the B to C points. Then sewed the sides. On the left side, I sewed down to the knee. Leaving it un-sewed, allowing for running away from her brother or for elegant walking.

I turned the sleeve and neckline under to create a channel for 1/4" elastic.

Then, I used iron on "Magic Tape" to do the hem. It went very fast and as a result, I still had the time to make dinner.
Funny thing about children, there is never, never time off.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Love the fabric...what a wonderfully easy and fun gift. One can just imagine a warm bath and then sleeping and dreaming in the new nightgown...pure pleasure!

patrice said...

I'll email you my measurements, you can pick out the fabric.