Saturday, June 19, 2010

W.I.P. "Scraps"

This is my "work in progress". I feel that I should show that I haven't fallen by the wayside of creating. Now, that isn't exactly true. I have been going very, very slowly. I haven't figured out why except to say that I have other things to work out. Very boring things, things that have to get done, but time consuming things.
After I finished this purse, I had lots and lots of little pieces of silk left over. I diligently saved these pieces. I love silk and feel that anything larger than two inches should be saved.
I could not really think of anything profound to do with them and then, this is where I would have cymbals and trumpets, "profound thought" occurred. I would make a "hippie bag". What fun I would have. I would quilt and applique myself into "hippie heaven". Well, I quilted and appliqued myself into finally running out of time. I could no longer put the rest of my life. Duty called me.
But it feels like I can get back to making myself happy. And I worked on my project today and I plan to do some more tomorrow.
Soon, hopefully, this little "hippie bag" will be completed.


patrice said...

I thought I smelled Patchuli after this page loaded.
Did you go to FIDM today?

beadbabe49 said...

Sure brings back memories, pat!

Phyllis said...

What a great bag!! I am not so sure this would qualify as a "hippie" bag since it is so elegant. I feel the same way about silk. I save every single scrap too. I think slow projects are really the best. It is like reading a good book that you never want to finish.