Friday, April 16, 2010

When In Doubt-Photograph

My nose has been to the grindstone and plumbers. In between sewing and worrying about whether I can wash dishes, I hadn't look up to see my Queen Elizabeth rose. Yesterday, when the plumber finally arrived, I felt relaxed enough to look out the window. I looked and wondered when had all this beauty occurred? I went out to look and really was blown away.
I believe that our rains came at the perfect time for the roses in Los Angeles. I had noticed the roses on my walk but not in my own backyard. That is so telling about life. The are many sayings about "your own backyard" and I guess they are all true.

I may also be making headway on my new project as well as being able to wash dishes.
All is well.


beadbabe49 said...

Glad to hear your water is back on!

Photographing your own back yard is such a good idea anyway...and it gives you year to year, when did the roses bloom last year and were there so many? Questions I like to have the answer to for my on-site gardener (also known as my sweetie, lol).
(blow me a little rose fragrance will's too soon for our liitle hedge roses to bloom):)

patrice said...

Doesn't it make you feel a rush of peace and goodness every time a rose blooms?
I always feel like it is a personal commentary when something blooms. I feel that I am in sync with the world.
P- said...

Such exquisite roses. I agree that we often don't even see what is in our own backyard, so to speak, we are so busy living life and getting on with other demands and irksome trials. I would also add that it might be time to smell the roses! Wow! Aren't they just pure heavenly.