Monday, April 19, 2010

My Vision Quest

The idea for this purse came to me as whole. The idea was given to me in a flash. The parts were all there. It was one of those moments when I was sure I was swimming in the stream of creative consciousness.
I had bought this fabric and the lining at FIDM the Saturday before, I had ordered the silk bolo ties about a month previous (but they were on back order). the handles were purchased on a whim. When I received the bolo ties, I opened the small package and just admired them. Then lightening hit and I started pulling things out and there it was, a completed idea in my brain.
But like all lightening flashes, it took a long time to go through the cinders. It took a daily effort to make this into reality. Much hand sewing, which I do not enjoy, went into this. I basted every step of the way.
I wove the bolo ties and silk cord into the fabric and in order for the ties not to pull out, I sewed each and knotted each underneath. Then there was interlining to deal with and secure. On and on and on.
The fabric is silk and mohair and wool. The inside is lined with rust Satin with three pockets. The handles are wood wrapped with twine.
The purse measures 8 3/4" x 14", not counting the handles


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Could there be anything more exotic than silk, mohair and wool? Adding the other components created this beauty...Sorry required so much hand sewing but it all paid off...a perfect VISION!

patrice said...

I'm amazed at the sheer variety of your purses!
The colors and textures of this one really make me want to hold it. Then put my wallet in it. And my keys.
P- said...

This is a beautiful whole vision. I would love to see a peek of the inside rust color lining. Is purse making your business that you mention in your biography? I looked for a link to a store but could not find one? Keep up the beautiful work. said...

But you did not give credit to the "supervisor"!

Are you selling any of these? I love this one too. Beautiful blend of colors and the fabric sounds yummy. What a talent you have for envisioning these and then turning them into small works of art. It is so much fun to visit and see what newest creations you have come up with.