Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Red GrosGrain Purse

When I was in my teens, I was fascinated by the Egyptians and how they went about living. The clothes, makeup and jewelry all drew my attention. I would read about the gems that they used and why certain stones were used. The one that was described so romantically as "the color of the night sky with stars shining" is the one that I knew I had to see. That stone was Lapis Lazuli. I was instantly attracted to it when I finally saw it. There was an exhibit of Tutakaman's tomb artifacts in San Francisco in the early, early sixties. I made sure that I saw it. In fact I saw it twice. It was wonderful and pervasive. I walked around with black eyeliner in the Egyptian style for a while.
Finally, when I started to work for my uncle, who was a jeweler, I was able to touch Lapis Lazuli. This only increased my admiration. It feels soft and human to the touch. Very wonderful.
When I started this purse, I thought that the messenger style purse would display the fabric to it best. But then, as I was sewing, I realized that more was needed. Lapis Lazuli came to mind and I put a piece on the fabric and it was "a deal". The Lapis goes around on the other side. The Lapis Lazulit Turtle with Sterling Silver backing was made by my uncle, Patrick Dennis Sieler. Whatever he touched, became beautiful. And this Turtle is no exception.
The inside is lined with Royal Blue Satin, with pockets for keys, cell phone and pens or glasses. I liked to have a little organization to my purse. The handle is braided cotton on silver colored rings.
The fabric is Cotton made in the Gros Grain tradition, heavy thread with the color applied by thin thread. Definitely rugged but colorful.
The purse measures 14 1/2" x 9".


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, this is a beauty! I too am fond of lapis and have a ring created in the 1920's. I love the way you have the lapis all around and of course, the turtle is magnificent!

Phyllis said...

What is it about blue that is so ethereal and yet rich at the same time? I am always drawn to jewelry with this deep blue color.

This bag, all the elements balanced, sing together. The contrast of the colors is what brings out the blue too. What a lovely purse for spring and summer. You have just the right touch when you put these beautiful pieces together.

(By the way, how is your Willie doing?)

Pat said...

My Sweet Willie is doing just fine. He is really enjoying his food and now he is getting a little treat for lunchtime. Thanks for asking.