Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help! I am Being Held Hostage

Do you see this angelic being. They paint pictures of paintings of these "pure" looking cats. The epitome of pureness and goodness is the white cat.
Well, I am here to tell you that this one owns the house and bosses me around. Right now she is on my lap and meowing and telling me that it is time to feed her.
Yesterday, she sent me to the store because she didn't like the food that I bought for her on Saturday. I mean, she is insistent. If I don't do what she wants, she nags, touches me with her untrimmed nails, and gets me going her way.
I can't trim her nails because when I try, she uses her laser eyes and threatens my very life. I am not kidding. I have to find her very sound asleep. Then I quietly get the nail clippers and move in for one nail.
She is getting fat. I am guilty of overfeeding my cat. When I can't listen anymore, I have closed the french doors on her so that she would stop jumping up on me or the cutting table or the sewing machine. Sometimes she will take the thread out of the sewing machine to get my attention.
Such beauty, such disregard for my tender feelings.


patrice said...

Penelope as well as some nieces, are very spoiled by you and they become very used to it.

Phyllis said...

I must say cats rule a household in their subtle and not-so-subtle ways. That said, how can one possibly resist the charms of such a beauty? My cats, especially my all black Willie is plump. Yours are thin in comparison. You are a great mom to all your animals!

beadbabe49 said...

Penelope and sumi know how dear they are to our hearts...and being practical cats, they make the most of it, lol! (sumi is getting quite plump but oliver is not, so I'm blaming it on genetics, not overfeeding...)