Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Tapestry of Life

I was given this very old tapestry and was trying to figure out how to use it. Then is looking in one of my books, I realized that the tapestry fabric is used through out "purse" history. In considering that, I came upon a design. I cut the top half off because the design interfered with my plans. It won't be easy but, hey what is fun if it is easy?
This is a very fine weave and it is wool. I washed it carefully and dried and blocked it. I am pretty excited about the potential of it. The mark on the middle top is a leaf, not a spot.


Phyllis said...

Oh this is so gorgeous! I will be so excited to see how you make this into a purse. What fun you will have and how beautiful and so original it will be when it is finished.

patrice said...

Ahhhhh! What a beautiful piece.
I can't wait to see where you go.
Thank goodness you're back in blog-mode.

beadbabe49 said...

The tapestry purses also remind me of the old beaded purses...all so beautiful!