Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Joys of a Gift from a Child

I received this charming envelope from Annie, my "Great" niece. I quickly opened it and I pulled out this charming "potholder". The envelope shows one of my dogs and one of my cats. In the balloons over their heads, the dog has a dog biscuit and the cat (who must be Penelope) has a picture of a fish. It is so colorful and I know that all the way down here, the people at the Post Office laughed. My Postman even gave me a chuckle when he handed over my mail.
The potholder is so colorful and I can tell that Annie made it that way because I enjoy color so much. It is such a darling, spontaneous gift.
It took me back at least 50 years ago, when I made pot holders as well. I had so much fun making for s long as the loops held out. Then I pleaded for another bag of loops. Wasn't it fun?
I think that this was the first time that I made something that adults would use and also be pleased having. My Grandmother gave the kit to both of us, but my sister wasn't to interested. I then took the overflow potholders around the neighborhood and sold them for 25 cents each. It was exciting to make something an adult would enjoy.
Now, fifty years later I received a reminder of my youth. And I see why the adults responded to me in such a positive way. I was so happy to get this colorful potholder and the fabric is much better than what I had. This one is a big improvement and the colors are so terrific.
Thank you, Annie!!!!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

How drawings and this delightful potholder! Annie has been a joy to watch in all her growing and expressing!!
I never made them but I remember everyone in the neighborhood had handmade things...dishtowels, potholders, pillowcases..!! said...

Oh how sweet. I loved the art on the envelope too! Looks like you were a young entrepreneur. Colors give us a reason to sing everyday.

beadbabe49 said...

oh yes...what a lovely gift! I remember making potholders too, but was too shy to even think about selling them, much less door to door!