Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Tutor

I think that I mentioned that I changed computers (sort of like converting to another religion). I got a Mac computer. And I do not really know how to use it properly. So, I now have tutors. I have my darling niece and on the very high order of tutors, I hired Lucy! She really knows more about Macs than I do!
Both children were over this weekend and the first person to use my computer was Lucy and then Hollis.
I look at the photo and I see little cat prints on the wall beneath the window, the Oatmeal box I used to bead my "reticule" and too many monitors for computer. What does one do with outmoded monitors? They still work and I should go on "freebies" on Craig's List. There is another item to put on my long, long list.
That nightgown is three years old. I bought a remnant and since her father has a black and white cat, I made this small piece of material work for a nightgown. She won't give it away and I have made more nightgowns since this one. She knows what she likes!

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patrice said...

Tell her I need some lessons too!