Saturday, February 20, 2010

Going to the New World

This is my first post on this new computer. It is a Mac and a big change for me. I have used PCs for all the years that I have been on computers. I am still holding my breath.

This is a cutting board that a friend made for me. I have yet to use it. Knowing how knives make cuts on wood, I hesitate maiming the bear.

This is the promise of Spring after our rains. How beautiful is Spring? Too beautiful to really put into words. It is my favorite season. It is like I can see the world vibrate with new life. Ah!!!!!
And here is the house Princess in all of her glory, sleeping on fabric and controlling my life.

Well, this has only taken two days to do. I hope to post some artistic work in my next post. I need to show that I was busy with other things than playing with cats!

1 comment:

patrice said...

So wonderful to have you back! And your photo's all look fantastic! Especially her highness.