Friday, September 4, 2009

Revisisting the Past

Yesterday, I spoke with my son about my posting about his children. He looked at baby Hollis and said the immortal phrase "where has the time gone?". I responded with "Well, how do you think I feel when I look at baby pictures of you?"
Since he will be having a birthday next week, that comment is even more poignant for me.
When I made this baby quilt for him, it was my third baby quilt. It was going to the ultimate of all my quilts so far. And at the time, I did not know if I would make another (I have made many more). It was made from fabrics from all of his relatives. I guess it is a story quilt because we would sit in the living room and I would tell him who had sent me which triangle. I had so much enjoyment asking my relatives and Martin's relatives for fabric. Everyone responded so positively and with so much happiness to be included in the quilt.

But I reserved the center part for my child. I didn't know boy or girl but I knew that this child would be a "star" in his own right. And that fabric was new and purchased just for my new baby.
When I got to the point of assembly, I realized that I needed fabric to fill in the area of the star to connect with the triangles. Now, when that occurred, I was about 2 weeks to my due date. I remember standing in line to pay for the fabric and just remembering that, I can feel my ankles swell up. I went from one foot to the other, shifting the weight. Th weather was just like it is now, very humid. I did not finish in time and completed it about 2 months later.

In this close-up there are triangle of a dress I had made for Jordan's cousin (red with tulips),Martin's Mother's dress sample (blue paisley), several triangles of outfits I made for Patrice as a child (green with purple flowers and the pique with multi-colored flowers), Patrice's father Tom's underwear (for lack of other fabric to send) and several tops that I made for me (green seersucker and red with blue flowers) and the piece de resistance is Martin's Father Richard's gold lame "Gambler's vest" fabric. It is mated with the fabric of Martin' Mother's fabric.
As you can tell, I still remember the fabric and the people who sent them to me. There are many more samples and many more people. I loved making that quilt and the reason I still have it is because Jordan felt that it would get damaged with his children. I am sure that wouldn't have happened and the love would have just continued.

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!


Phyllis said...

What a wonderful quilt. My favorite quilts are the ones with many different fabrics and the best ones are where there is memory in each one. I loved the story you told.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is a magnificent quilt! Sure it's charming with the wonderful star in the center but it's the story and stories that make it so magnificent. Bravo!