Monday, September 14, 2009

The Monday Need for Color

My new project is far from done. It is at the stage where I am convinced it will never come to light and I will hate it.
But when that occurs, it does help for me to feast my eyes on color. I am always in the need for intense, contrasting, and odd combinations of color.
These items are from Mexico and Guatemala. I just like to hold and study and luxuriate in them. I have had the belt for at least 35 years. Oh, how I have enjoyed it, and the change purses were brought to me by my uncle many years ago as well. But when tucked away in a drawer, the colors have stayed fresh.
Maybe I needed to be tucked away in a drawer to have kept my color?


Phyllis said...

Oh what a great observation! to be tucked away in a drawer so your colors don't fade. Me too! I would add though that I probably could have been kept in my trunk to preserve a little bit more of that original patina.

I agree with you about needing intense and contrasting colors and odd combinations too. This adds so much more to our lives to see and feel colors in this way. These are beautiful pieces...the colors so rich and true.

patrice said...

You and your little stashes. Next time I'm there, I'm worried that I'll peek into your desk drawers to see what other treasures you're hiding.

I'll try not to.