Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facinating Photo

These children are my grandchildren, Lucy and Hollis. I love them dearly. The photo was taken by my son about 2 years ago. It is so telling of their different personalities.
My son threw out their television before Hollis was born and Lucy was in day care early on. She had seen television and was quite interested in it. I believe because she enjoyed stories. However Hollis was and is very discriminating about what he will watch. If a movie gets too scary, he leaves. He does like to use the computer and play games on the computer. I think that he feels that he can control the environment while using the computer.
Anyway, with this photo that I leave out to look at, you can see how blase' Lucy is and how Hollis looks like he thinks something will jump out at him. They are both wonderful and this photo says so much about them.
The illumination in front of them is the light from the computer. My son does have cartoon that they can watch.

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Phyllis said...

Beautiful grandchildren! And they grow so quickly. You must be a very proud grandmother.