Monday, April 16, 2012

The "Thrfted" Dress

I came into a few men's Tee Shirts and instead of giving the away or cutting them up for dust clothes.  I decided to see if I could re-use them.  I chose the Tee Shirt that had the least wear to use as the body of the dress.
There is enough room at the top of the shirt for a girl's dress.  It would be a very short dress but I wanted to add ruffles on the bottom.  I added two layers of ruffles to give a little flippy attitude and a little more length.
I used the sleeves of the Tee Shirt for the binding on the neck and sleeves.
To get the amount of gathering for the ruffles, I cut two pieces out of the orange and the ochre.  
I chose to do this while I wait for the handles for my Japanese purse.  Hopefully it will arrive soon. 

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