Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bird on a Wire

This is Timothy.  I don't know his real name because he speaks so quietly that, for me, it is hard to understand what he tells me.  But still I listen and nod my head.
Every afternoon he is near my house.  Sometimes he sits on the telephone wire that I can see from my studio.  Sometimes he sits in the tree and yes, sometimes he sits on the Cyclone fence.  He sits for about five minutes.  I think that he is catching his breath.  Or maybe he is enjoying the end of the day.
I once had a discussion with someone about Hummingbirds.  I said that a Hummingbird came to visit me in the afternoons.  Of course, this is hard to prove.  But her response was that Hummingbirds did not rest.  They flew and flew around looking for delicate, red flowers to "sup" from.  This is why I took this picture.  I have immortalized the resting of a Hummingbird.
And I am rather glad that it is Timothy!

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