Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roll or Schmoll

I made this a retrospective of four people. My sister, my niece, my great niece and me. I made this for my niece and I wanted this to be very special. The basis for all this was the transfer paper and my favorite photos of people I love.
The basis of the little pocket bag is a very lovely cream Silk that was imported and was embroidered in India. I think that is the most luscious Silk that I have ever seen. The belting is from Tibet and hand woven.
The reason for the photo: my niece has an aviary and she raises Canaries. This perfect photo is of my Great Niece with some baby Canaries. The photo is so special - the framing, the light and most of all the subject.

This transfer is a Siamese Fighting fish that my Great Niece purchased and then made a drawing for me. It is a lovely combination of form and color. I felt that it was important enough to be immortalized on transfer paper. The gold ribbon is metal ribbon that I was lucky enough to procure down at the FIDM store.
These are Garnets that I had included in a necklace that I had made for my sister, my Darling Niece's mother. The Yin-Yang was my Uncle's. And of course my favorite stone, Pearls.
This Silver Quan Yin was also my sister's. I put all these memories together and I hope that it will bring happiness to my Niece.
My Darling Niece will not see this post because she is camping away from phones and the Internet. It will arrive by the time she returns. Oh crafty me!


Katherine said...

What a work of art! I love how you've incorporated so many meaningful pieces into this, Pat. It's beautiful and very special. Your niece will cherish it.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is a TREASURE! Everything is perfectly placed by artful eye and open heart. You must be smiling!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

The silver Quan Yin charm is so precious! I can feel all those special 'memoir' for this. Looking at your posts make me want to do something with fabrics & transfer papers =)

Phyllis said...

This is such a strong piece, full of beauty and spirit and strength. These are the things that seem to count as the most worthy as we stitch in memories and honor and pay tribute. I just love what you are doing with these photos transfers. It seems that you are unearthing treasures from your heart that needed to be shared and expressed. Keep going with these. What a perfect gift to come home to. Your niece will be surprised and thrilled.

patrice said...

Yes Phyllis, I was surprise and thrilled and it's bigger and more wonderful in person than it is online.
It has a very tribal feel, and the stonework pattern that Pat fashioned from a beloved necklace that my mother once wore is deeply moving and tactile.
A very emotional piece distilled with the essence of the three people who have filled my life with so much joy; My mother, my Pat and my Annie.
I am rich in love.

patrice said...

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