Monday, August 30, 2010

The Mop Head

Yesterday I made a mop head for my Swiffer. The refills for the Swiffer work fine but you need to buy more when you run out. That really doesn't make me happy. Now a mop is a much needed tool for a house, if there are any un-rugged (this is a new, just patented word) floors. About two years ago, the woman that had been cleaning the house for me threw out the washable mop head that I had kept. My mother had bought it from Fuller Brush. It was very old but very handy for wood floors. When it got grimy, I could take it off and throw it into the washer. Very handy, indeed. I did not realize that she had thrown it away until she was long gone. I missed that mop. I bought miscellaneous battery powered sweepers but nothing made me that happy.
I did google Dust Mops and this is what I found.
Then last week I decided to make one. I went to the 99 cent Store to see what I could do cheaply.
I found these two car washing mitts at , yes, 99 cents.
At that time, it was not clear but I took them home and began. I really do like fulfilling my ideas well and doing it inexpensively.

I took the elastic off, saving the end for later.
I turned the rough edges under.
I cut the elastic to about 3 inches long.
I sewed it on in the middle of the spaghetti ends with a zig zag stitch.
I then attached a tying cord on the top side.
Now, it was good to go. And what makes it all the more special, it is the micro fiber that picks up everything. I was really surprised at what it picked up, even after using my battery powered sweeper.
Plus the colors are SO cheerful.


patrice said...

You can do anything!!!!
You've got to give it a great name now.
It's sooo cool.
Hint, hint.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

oh I need this !!! I need to clean my room !!! How creative and cheerful it is ! Thanks for showing me the chores can turn into joyful act =)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Look at you...I admire your view on making what you need and want...adapting 'things' and solving problems. I bet you smile when you get that mop out for a quick run about on the floor!!

Phyllis said...

I think I would clean more if I used something with great colors as this has. I get tired of buying those things too for my swifter. I always have so much cat hair with three cats. How long did this take you I wonder. Yes, and what is its name??

Pat said...

Hi Phyllis,
These mitts are for washing cars. They have no thumb just a rounded rectangular place for you hand. I would imagine that any such mitt would work. I went to the 99 cent without a preconceived idea and these mitts are what presented themselves. I,also, did not want to keep buying the refills, so that is why my brain went into gear.

Katherine said...

Very clever, Pat!
I love ideas like this - practical, thrifty and fun. Well done. :o)

John Laura said...

I get tired of buying those things too for my swifter. I always have so much cat hair with three cats. How long did this take you I wonder.
washable mop heads