Monday, March 15, 2010

"Russian Blue"

I call this fabric "Russian Blue". I really fell in love with this fabric. I kept touching and stoking the fabric and I felt I could make something interesting and worth using.
I have lined it with a very dark royal blue jacquard satin. Also, I made it for everyday use by making it large enough to hold a pocket book. The braided straps are made of black cotton and wood loops. The handle is of course bamboo.
The carving is a piece of Jadeite. The man said it was antique. It does look old and the red seed pods are from Cuba. I felt that the red set off the blue tapestry with just the right emphasis.
I had fun making it but there was a lot of hand work. Not my long suit. I need to buy more patience the next time I go to the fabric store.
This purse measure 14" x 14", not counting the handle.


patrice said...

Wow! I love how the red seed pods contrast so warmly with the coolness of this piece. I also love the overall shape of the bag.
Wish I could peek inside.

beadbabe49 said...

While you're picking up some patience for you would you grab a smitch of diligence for me, lol!

Is the handle design yours? I love it! And the jadite is lovely.