Thursday, March 3, 2011

As the Days Pass

I have been very busy with "people" clothes lately. But it seems that just when I finish, I have to deliver them. Lucy, my granddaughter received two skirts. I did post those because I had the time. But my Darling Niece's daughter had a Birthday Party. My grandchildren and I were supposed to go to Bakersfield to the In-Laws house were the party was going to occur. Since I would have to travel over the Angeles Mountains and snow was forecasted, the trip was cancel. I had to hurry to finish the pajamas and then mail them to Bakersfield. I did not have time to photograph. This photo was taken at the party. I heard how Annie immediately ran into her bedroom to change into the pajamas. I was so happy. It seems that I don't always understand what children Really want and when I hit it right, I am delighted.

Since I had made two skirts for Lucy, I did not want Hollis to feel unloved. I puzzled over this and Hollis is a child that has specific desires and to just make something, any old thing, would not do. Then a couple of nights later, last week, I knew exactly what I would make. I would make a robe and it would look just like a Jedi Knight Warrior robe. I made it out of brown fleece. I finished it 5 minutes before I had to leave for my breakfast at Hollis' house. He was really tickled. In fact, when he saw it, he laughed and laughed. Then I knew he liked it. I don't have a photo of Hollis and can't show how happy he was.

My son just sent me a photo of Hollis, yeah!!


patrice said...

Annie ran to the living room and put on the new jammies then ran back out and continued opening presents.
She really loves them!
Thank you LaLa!!!

Phyllis said...

It is always such a thrill to know that a gift to a young child is a hit. The pajamas are so pretty and you can see she loves them.

Katherine said...

Oh, Pat, you can see the joy on their faces, thanks to your gifts. What a wonderful feeling it is to "get it right" and it's extra special when its handmade. Well done!