Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Completion of a Promise

The American Kennel Club Trial that I participated in has been over for six weeks. I really didn't think that it would take this long to complete the winner of the raffle's purse. But it is surprising how much "Life" can intrude. First I needed the photos for the winner. Then we consulted about her desire to include her new "first" grandchild. Of course, I said "Yes". Then my printer said that I needed more black ink. That seemed reasonable since there is so much black in the photos. I ordered more. Then when the ink arrived, it wouldn't work. I called H-P and they graciously helped me with the problem. (Did you know that the ink jets get dirty?). Then a lot of normal life got in the way. Now it is finished. It is larger and has more pockets. The lining has photos sewn on as well.
This is the sample that she saw. I hope that she likes what I did. It will go out Monday.


Run Lori Run said...

Those are beautiful!

Ink jets get "dirty"? who knows these things?

patrice said...

This is a strong piece and I'll bet she'll have a great response.
I like the way the chain is a perfect addition.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Bold totes for sure! I like the chain as well and the red berry looking stones.

Phyllis said...

What is not to love?! I am sure she will be thrilled. I like the embellishments too. Life does get in the way. If I don't force myself into my room to work (create), I could spend hours on end running errands, deadheading roses and trimming shrubbery, as well as cleaning the house and doing laundry. There is always something to do besides the creative things that pull at one while we are doing everything else!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

This is really Beautiful, Pat !! =)
I didn't know ink jets can get dirty..?
When life gets in the way, we should get into the life :0)