Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet Missy

My beloved Shaw died six weeks ago, leaving Frida without a companion.  She likes lots of people and dogs around her.  Also, living alone, I like to have two dogs about the place.  They are outside dogs for the above reason of living alone.  

A random event occurred where I was offered a German Shepherd dog.  The owner died and her son having three Yorkies, offered this beauty to me. 

Missy is three years old but looks around one year.  Also acts like a one year old dog.  Her original home was in a city where fireworks are prohibited.  The poor thing comes to me in a city where anything goes.  The fireworks started going off about one week ago and Missy is now getting sedated every night.  It helps marginally.  I read about Thundershirts and I ordered two, one for Frida and one for Missy.  Hopefully, the shirts come today and hopefully they work.

I am counting the days until July 6.  That is about when people will run out of the M80's.

P.S.  This is not a photo of the lovely Missy, but when I saw it on Pinterest, I couldn't resist.


patrice said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you woke up July 5th with Missy curled up on the foot of your bed!
Funny pic,

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