Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Is Going By So Swiftly

Time seems to be full and going very fast for me. Last Saturday, I was at a play that was the final part of Children's Summer Playhouse in Los Angeles. My grandchildren were occupied by wonderful classes. Classes that I would like to attend! But I am no longer a child, oh well! My Lucy (the one with red hair) is here in center stage, helping to tell an Aztec tale.

Here is Lucy again with a sign over her head saying "Que Linda", which is certainly true. Que Linda translates to How Pretty! I laughed to myself when I saw that.

Here is Hollis. I had my camera to the last close up focus but it is still fuzzy. Third from the right. Don't you love his hair? It is now cut for school. All the lovely waves and messyness that was so charming, all gone.

I have been so completely busy that I have not had time to post. So many situations that took all my time. I hope that now I have time to reflect and enjoy the coming season.

I am making an apron (big deal, huh?) but what I didn't think about is that aprons do come in all sizes and this one is much to small!
I also have a tapestry purse that is have way finished. This one will be mine! I have some lovely beads that were dug up from a Roman town in Syria. I can hardly wait to get to that part of the project.


patrice said...

Yes, they are beautiful children and they've grown since I saw them in June!
And yes, the apron is a big deal!

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Run Lori Run said...

I hate SPAM on my blog too.

Time goes by so fast, I think so every back-to-school time!

Mp3Music said...

Beautiful children!

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