Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trying to Jump Back Into the Pond

It has taken me longer to pick up the pieces of my life than I had expected. I have taken the time to read and rest and exercising.
I have three different projects on the "launching pad" and this is the one that is closest to completion. It will be a bag for the cosmetics that one would take on a trip. It is also the last piece of the "petit point" piece that I had cut into three purses. I am also working on a raw silk purse, and a wool afghan that I am very excited about. I am waiting for some of the pieces to arrive with the mail.
I think that life has come back to normal. I would post a few photos of my darling cats but they would not sit still!


patrice said...

Pnumonia is a serious illness!
I'm glad you've taken the time to heal properly...
This sunshine sure helps doesn't it?
Looking forward to seeing your works in progress.

Run Lori Run said...

Glad you are back! I was going to post some cat photos too but they are preoccupied with a mouse in the house and they are all on the move...